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Development Permits

The Sustainable Official Community Plan (SOCP) is our City’s roadmap towards a more sustainable future over the next 15 to 20 years. The SOCP identifies specific development permit areas to achieve design, environmental, and safety goals. Each Development Permit Area outlines the objectives that justify designation of a Development Permit Area and specifies guidelines for how these objectives must be addressed.

Please review the Sustainable Official Community Plan for maps showing the Development Permit Areas and for Development Permit Area Guidelines.

Development Permit Areas

The City of Powell River has designated the following Development Permit Areas:

1. Form and Character Development Permit Areas for:

  • Multi-family residential

  • Uptown mixed-use area

  • Marine/Willingdon mixed-use area

  • Townsite Centre mixed-use area

  • Cranberry Lake mixed-use area

  • Other commercial areas

  • Employment areas

  • Carriage houses

  • Intensive residential development (residential small lots)

  • Townsite residential

2. Protection of the natural environment for freshwater riparian areas.


Under the Local Government Act, certain types of development within designated Development Permit Areas may be exempted from development permit requirements. Specific exemption criteria are listed in each set of Development Permit Area Guidelines.

Exemptions for all Development Permit Areas include:

  • Internal alterations that do not affect the exterior appearance of a building.

  • Construction of an addition or detached accessory structure of less than 10 square metres (except for Development Permit Area 8).

  • Replacement or repair of cladding, roofing, doors, windows, or building trim with similar materials.

  • Painting or minor repairs of a building.

What to Expect

Development Permit Application

How To Apply

Please click here for the Development Permit Application Form.

Please click here for the Development Permit Application - For Carriage Houses

To assess what applies to your proposal, please make an appointment with Planning Services Staff.