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Tree Cutting Permits

The Tree Protection Bylaw protects and regulates the removal of trees on private and City-owned land. This means that the following activities are prohibited for protected trees, unless authorized by a permit:

  • Cutting or damaging the roots within the drip line of a tree. This includes placing fill, removing soil, blasting, depositing harmful chemicals, placing building materials, or operating heavy equipment over the roots within a drip line of a tree.

  • Denting, gouging, or damaging the trunk or removing bark from a tree.

  • Altering the ground water or surface water level within the drip line of a tree.

Tree Cutting Permits Required

You will need a Tree Cutting Permit for any of the following trees:

  • Any tree located within a Development Permit Area identified in the Sustainable Official Community Plan

  • Any tree identified for protection under a s. 219 Covenant pursuant to the Land Title Act

  • Any tree located within a Riparian Area

  • Any significant or wildlife tree

  • Any tree identified for retention and protection as part of a subdivision, development permit, or building permit approval process

  • Any tree having a diameter breast height (DBH) of at least 20 cm (8 in.) that is located on any of the following:

    • City land

    • A parcel of land 1 hectare (2.5 acres) or larger within City boundaries

    • On or immediately adjacent to a slope of 25% or greater

    • Within an Environmentally Sensitive Area, as defined by the Tree Protection Bylaw

A Tree Cutting Permit may be granted as part of an approved subdivision plan or building permit.


Check the Tree Protection Bylaw for specific exemptions. In general, you will not need a Tree Cutting Permit for the following types of tree cutting or removal:

  • Farm operations or private managed forest lands

  • Tree cutting or removal to install roads, utility services, driveways, or off-street parking

  • Tree cutting or removal along highways (except for significant trees), above-ground utility corridors, and for cutting survey lines

  • Cutting and removal of dead, diseased, or damaged trees with the submission of a certified statement from an arborist.

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