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Sign Permits

Fascia, free-standing, projecting, roof, and portable signs must comply with the Sign Bylaw.

Do I Need a Sign Permit?

You do not need a Sign Permit for the following:

  • Temporary sign or banner displayed for less than 60 days

  • Temporary directional, political, community event, or real estate sign

  • Landscape sign

  • Unique works of art that do not contain commercial messages

  • Window sign

  • Memorial plaque, cornerstone, or historical tablet

  • On-site directional sign and development sign

  • A portable sign

  • A bus bench sign, in conformance with City bylaws

  • A vehicle sign permanently adhered to the vehicle body

For all other signs, please refer to the Sign Bylaw. Signs placed without a permit are subject to double fees.

Applications and Forms

Complete and submit the Sign Permit Application Form.

Please be aware that signs, sign structures, and all fastenings must be designed and constructed in accordance with the Sign Bylaw and BC Building Code, plus other relevant codes like the Electrical Code.

How to Submit your Application

Hard copies of Sign Permit Licence Applications can be submitted at City Hall during our office hours.

When submitting applications, please ensure that the application and necessary attachments are complete to avoid delays in processing your application.

Sign permit fees vary with the size of the copy area of the sign.


Staff are available to assist with sign permit inquiries during office hours. Feel free to make an appointment to ensure that the person best able to assist you is available.

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