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Organics Collection

Starting in March of 2024, the City will collect organics from all eligible households. Standardized 120L green carts will be provided for weekly organics collection, using a the City’s automated mechanical arm truck.

Accepted items are:

  • Fruit and vegetable peels, pits and stems

  • Meat, poultry, fish and shellfish (including bones and shells)

  • Rice, pasta, grains and cereals

  • Breads, baked goods and desserts

  • Dairy products

  • Eggs and eggshells

  • Nuts and shells

  • Spoiled leftovers

  • Sauces, cooking oil and grease (sop up with a napkin or paper towel)

  • Coffee grounds, filters, loose tea and teabags, food-soiled paper towel and napkins

  • Flowers and houseplants

  • Leaves, grass clippings and other yard material. Tree branches should be smaller than one inch in diameter.

  • Only "Bag to Earth" collections bags.

Your cart will be deemed contaminated and not collected if it contains invasive species (blackberry, knotweed, ivy, broom, etc.), biodegradable plastic products, pet waste or biohazard waste

Are you concerned about attracting wildlife? So are we with the new organics program. What you put out on the curb is not changing, only the way you put it out is. Having the food waste collected weekly helps to keep the waste from sitting too long. You may find freezing materials while you wait for collection day works well or lining your cart with paper to absorb liquids. None of the carts have a lock as that does not prevent attracting wildlife.

Keep your cart clean, dry and add your materials on collection day; wildlife won’t notice it is out before we pick it up!

During the transition period between February 20th and March 15th there will be no organics curbside collection, all residents will need to self-haul organic waste to a depot. Please check the collection schedule to prepare for the first organics collection day in your area starting March 18th – 22nd.

Have extra yard waste?

Collect in a container easy to reuse, keep clean and transport.

Please take your extra yard waste to:


Contact Us

Operational Services Secretary


8 am-4 pm (excluding holidays)
Monday – Friday

Closed on all Stat holidays

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