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Garbage Collection

The City of Powell River uses an automated waste collection service. Standardized garbage collection carts (120 litres) are provided to eligible residential properties. Waste is emptied by trucks fitted with automated arms, improving efficiency in service delivery, while providing safer collection for workers and reducing injuries. Starting April 2, 2024, garbage collection moves from weekly to biweekly. Click here for the schedule information.

Garbage is transported to Roosevelt Regional Landfill in Washington state. Due to the environmental impact of shipping solid waste, homeowners are encouraged to recycle and divert organic waste.

Garbage carts should be free of prohibited waste including:

  • Hazardous Waste

  • Bulk liquids or sludge

  • Dead animals and pathological waste

  • Excrement, other than amounts of excrement that are double bagged

  • Personal hygiene products, other than amounts of products that are double bagged

  • Any material that would cause undue risk of injury or occupational disease to any person that would contravene the Occupation Health and Safety Regulations.

  • Construction materials

  • Wastes as defined in the Ministry of Environmental Landfill Criteria for Municipal Solid Waste (Second Edition) as amended from time to time.

  • Any material deemed by the Roads Supervisor as unacceptable for disposal

  • Organic materials that are eligible to be recycled as part of the City’s organic collection program

For a large family or excess waste, there are two options:

Purchase an additional cart and have two carts out on collection day. Cost for this is an addition $80 a year added to your property taxes (garbage cart application form). For more information on this, contact the finance department at (604)485-8637.


Tags are available for excess waste that does not fit in your cart. Waste inside carts do not need a tag.

Tags are five dollars each and available at:

  • City Hall

  • Powell River Recreation Complex

  • Save-on-Foods

  • FreshCo

  • Top of the Hill Solutions

  • Townsite Grocery