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Community Belonging Research Project

Community Belonging Research Team from the University of Victoria requested that City of Powell River partner with them on an initiative that would work to enhance disabled children’s participation and belonging in our community.

On November 16, 2023, City of Powell River Council endorsed the Community Belonging Initiative and committed to a partnership via a memorandum of understanding.

November 16, 2023 Presentation to Council

April 30, 2024 Presentation to Council


The City of Powell River, qathet Regional District and Powell River Public Library unanimously approved the 2024-2026 Accessibility Plan which was created in accordance with the Accessible British Columbia Act. This plan, along with the Joint Accessibility & Inclusion Advisory Committee (JAIAC) will help each organization identify, remove, and prevent barriers to create a community where people of all ages and abilities can fully participate in daily life and experience a sense of belonging.

Social Procurement

The City of Powell River and qathet Regional District are members of the Coastal Communities Social Procurement Initiative. To learn more, visit their website.