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Property Tax Deferment


The Property Tax Deferment Program is a provincial loan program that permits qualified BC home owners to defer their annual property taxes on their principle residence if certain criteria are met.

All deferment applications, including renewal applications, are to be submitted online directly to the Province of BC.

Municipalities will no longer accept deferment applications or renewals. The new online Property Tax Deferment application process will make deferring your taxes easier and lead to reduced application review and approval times. Apply for deferment

How to join the program

Before applying or renewing your online deferment application, please ensure your property tax account is up to date by completing the following:

  • Pay any overdue property taxes and penalties (if applicable)

  • Claim your home owner grant, if eligible

  • Pay the utility portion of your property taxes - including garbage, water and sewer, as these items cannot be deferred .

Please note, deferment applications for properties on leased land are not accepted by the Province.

Deferment Application

There are two property tax deferment programs. You need to determine which program you are eligible for and complete the application. Please click on the link below for more information and online applications.

People aged 55 and older, surviving spouses, and people with disabilities

Families with children

Renewing your tax deferral

If you have an existing deferment agreement, you will be able to apply to renew your existing agreement online. You can also select auto-renewal and your account will be automatically renewed annually, if you still meet all the eligibility requirements.

Cancel your tax deferral

The two options to stop your participation in the tax deferral program, are as follows:

  1. Start paying your property taxes for the current year but leave your deferment account open with the Province to delay repayment and keep your deferred balance owing.

  2. Pay your deferred account balance in full to the Province, which will close your account.


If you have any questions regarding the Property Tax Deferment program or the new online application process, please call the Province at 1-888-355-2700 (toll free), or 1-250-387-0555 (outside of BC), or email TaxDeferment@gov.bc.ca. You can also find further information on the Province of BC website - Deferring Your Property Taxes