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Financial Services Contacts

General Information

604-485-8620 / financecontact@powellriver.ca

Chief Financial Officer

604-485-8652 / mdenniston@powellriver.ca

Manager of Financial Services

604-485-8675 / ryoungman@powellriver.ca

Property Taxes, Utilities, Fees & Charges

604-485-8621 / financecontact@powellriver.ca

Payments (cashier)

604-485-8637 / financecontact@powellriver.ca

Accounts Receivable

604-485-8622 / accountsreceivable@powellriver.ca

Accounts Receivable is responsible for the billing and collection of North and South Harbour moorage and power fees, work orders and other fees for services rendered.

Accounts Payable

604-485-8623 / accountspayable@powellriver.ca