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Harbours & Moorage Rates

The City of Powell River has three harbours that it manages: the South Harbour, the North Harbour and the Wharf at Westview. The harbours are located in the heart of Westview, Powell River’s main business and residential area, and provide moorage for pleasure craft, commercial and transient vessels.

The North Harbour has annual moorage and is not for transient vessels. There are about 330 mooring spots for vessels from 16 to 60 feet. The harbour is a modern, up-to-date facility, mostly populated by Powell River boaters.

North Harbour Mooring

SizeSemi-AnnualAnnualSenior Semi-AnnualSenior Annual
FeetPer Foot Per Month
16 to 27$6.00$5.40$5.40$4.86
28 - 38$6.60$5.94$5.94$5.35

For complete information on the harbour, please see North Harbour Rates and Regulations.

The Wharf at Westview is a small craft harbour that is partially occupied by fishing vessels. Floats One to Three are reserved for commercial boats. Floats Four to Six are used for monthly moorage and transients. There is a loading facility available at the Wharf at Westview. The South Harbour includes Floats Seven to 11, which are closest to the entrance of the South Harbour / Wharf at Westview complex. There is a mix of vessels, mooring monthly and transient, in the South Harbour. Float 10, from June 15 to September 15, is reserved for transient vessels paying the daily moorage rates. Float 11 is available for transient vessels from 3 pm to 11 am, which is check-out time. Boaters occupying the South Harbour and Wharf at Westview can expect rafting along all of the floats, especially during the summer time.

There are no reservations for transient vessels. Boaters are moored on a first-come, first-served basis.

In the South Harbour / Wharf at Westview complex, there is a self-serve pump-out station available that is free of charge. It is open from 11 am to 3 pm daily, from May 1 to October 15. There are showers, washrooms and laundry facilities for vessels in the South Harbour and Wharf at Westview. Wifi is available in all three harbours.

Wharfinger services are available at the harbours complex from 7:30 am to 4 pm, Monday to Friday, during winter months. Starting in May and running through the summer, the Wharfinger office is open seven days a week. To contact the Wharfinger’s office, phone 604-485-5244, or email jkinahan@powellriver.ca.

To contact the Wharfinger’s office by radio, boaters can use Channel 66 Alpha.

There is paid parking at the harbours complex. Parking is $5 per day. For monthly and annual vessels, parking is included.

South / Westview Harbour Mooring

Vessle TypePer Foot Per Day In AdvancePer Foot Per Month In AdvancePer Foot Per Month, 3 months or More in Advance
Commercial Fishing$0.25$1.91$1.65
Pleasure and Commercial Non-Fishing Vessel$1.00n/a$5.00
Loading Zone
(for hour or portion thereof in excess of two hour limit)

For complete information on the South Harbour and Wharf at Westview, see the South/Westveiw Harbour Bylaw.