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Fire Rules & Regulations

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Open Air Burning

Recreational wood burning fires are not permitted at any time of the year. For full regulations refer to the Residential Backyard Burning Bylaw No 1931.

Backyard Burning Regulations

April and November are Backyard Burning Months. The following are tips to keep your neighbours happy and the Fire Department away from your door.

Get your permit. Permits are available from City Hall for $25. Permits purchased any time in calendar year are valid for April and November of that year.

Check the venting index: The venting index must be good during the time of the burn. Call 1-888-281-2992, or check venting index online. While you’re at it, check the weather forecast and avoid days of high or gusty winds.

Prepare your pile: Is it in a safe place away from structures or overhead obstructions? Clear an area free of combustibles approximately three metres around your pile to ensure the fire doesn’t spread. Keep it small – no larger than one cubic metre in size; burn garden and yard debris only. For added safety, use a burn barrel. Never burn household garbage or construction materials, including:

  • Plastic

  • Accelerants

  • Magazines

  • Wooden Pallets

  • Particale Board

  • Painted Wood

  • Cardboard

Burn it dry and hot: Hot fires and dry fuel produce less smoke. Remove as much dirt from the debris pile before burning and take your time to add leaves and needles slowly.

Stick with it: Don’t leave your pile unattended.

Be ready to put it out: always have a charged water hose, buckets, shovels and dirt ready to knock it down. After it is out, check it more than once to ensure you don’t have any flare-ups. Ensure it is fully out by 3 pm.

If you are on the organics pilot program, yard waste can be disposed of in your green cart for pick-up.

Free drop off is available
Wednesday, Friday and Saturday 10:00am - 4:00 pm
Sunshine Disposal
Limit 1 truckload


Any person over the age of 18 may set off low-hazard fireworks between the hours of 4 pm and 11 pm on October 31 of each year provided that the fireworks are set off or exploded in a safe manner on private property with the owner’s consent. For more information, please follow this link for City of Powell River Bylaw 2359, 2013, a Bylaw to Regulate Fireworks.