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2022 Declared Election Results

Declaration of Official Election Results - Mayor
Declaration of Official Election Results - Councillors
Declaration of Official Election Results - School District 47 Trustees
Declaration of Official Election Results - Assent Vote Question

Vote Count - Declaration of Mayor and Council
Vote Count - Declaration of School District 47 Trustees
Vote Count - Declaration of Assent Vote

Please note that this website will continue to be updated throughout the election process. Last update occurred November 2, 2022.

Chief Election Officer Declaration of Election by Voting 4 PM September 20, 2022

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Candidates for Mayor (1 position available)

Candidates for Councillor (6 positions available)

Candidates for School Board Trustee (5 positions available)

Assent Voting for Fire Hall/Emergency Services Facility Loan Authorization

At this years General Local Election, residents and non-resident property owners will have the opportunity to vote on the following question:

"Are you in favour of the City of Powell River adopting “Fire Hall / Emergency Services Facility Loan Authorization Bylaw 2695, 2022”, to authorize the borrowing of a sum not to exceed seven and one half million dollars ($7,500,000), over a maximum term of 20 years, in order to finance the construction of a new fire hall / emergency services facility at the City’s Public Works Yard property located at 7160 Duncan Street?”

For more information on the proposed facility, please follow this link:

Previous Election Information

Information about previous elections are available at the CivicInfo BC website here, choose a year and jurisdiction: https://www.civicinfo.bc.ca/election


Notice of Nomination for Council and School District 47

Notice of Application for Scrutineers for Assent Voting

Notice of Election and Assent Voting


Please contact our staff with any other questions:

Chief Election Officer: Chris Jackson

Deputy Chief Election Officer: Jessica Lefort