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Green Buildings & Development

Building Incentives

The City of Powell River’s Community Energy and Emissions Plan sets greenhouse gas emission reduction targets for our community. Building energy efficiency is an important piece of working towards reducing our community’s carbon footprint.

If you are looking to build an energy efficient home or improve your home’s energy efficiency, we recommend exploring the numerous incentives available through the EfficiencyBC program.

EfficiencyBC also offers an Energy Coach service – a hotline to help you with your energy efficiency projects. Incentives are available for both residential and commercial buildings, existing or new construction.

Development Incentives

To encourage more green development projects, City of Powell River has:

  • Reduced Development Cost Charges for sustainable projects.

  • Updated Development Permit requirements to include electric vehicle charging stations and solar-ready homes.

  • Encourage developers to follow the BuiltGreen certification process for single family multifamily/mixed use developments.

  • Update the Zoning Bylaw and Development Permit requirements to permit more types of infill and small lot development.

To learn more, please contact us at rpukesh@powellriver.ca Call us at 604-485-8655.