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COVID-19 Community and Social Planning Task Force

In response to COVID-19, the Regional Social Planner has been tasked to connect, engage, facilitate and pass along information on social services regarding the impacts of the pandemic on vulnerable population groups in the Powell River region. An initial reporting on the direct/indirect impacts community agencies and organizations experienced identified the need to work collaboratively and effectively together. The COVID-19 Community and Social Planning (CCSP) Task Force was formed to address those needs.

The CCSP Task Force will be comprised of government, private, and non-profit representatives within the Powell River region. The mandate of this task force is to advise response efforts related to at-risk and vulnerable populations.

The CCSP Task Force shall:

• Identify the top issues (shifts in issues over time is expected);

• Monitor the issues over time;

• Look out for and identify gaps;

• Enable cross sector coordination and collaboration and prevent duplication;

• Enable cross issue solutions (e.g. food issues & seniors will overlap; food issues & local economy may overlap, etc.);

• Track impact and for priority issues;

• Communicate to Emergency Operations Centre (EOC), public agencies, and others to report out on issues, actions and impact; and

• Identify needs and required action of EOC

To Stay Updated

COVID-19 Impacts Report - April 6, 2020

At-Risk and Vulnerable Populations Group Meeting - April 15, 2020

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