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Vision & Mission

Through strategic planning sessions, Mayor and Council developed the following Vision and Mission statements for the City as well as the corresponding Strategic Community and Corporate Priorities:


A sustainable Powell River that provides for:

  • Economic Diversity - a resilient economy;

  • Social Well-Being - a vibrant, safe and healthy community; and

  • Healthy Environment - a diverse and healthy natural environment.


To ensure the provision of quality services, in a manner that promotes prosperity and economic, environmental and social health and well-being for current and future generations, while living within our means.

Strategic Community Priorities

  • Sustainability - The City will be a leader in increasing community environmental, social/cultural and economic sustainability;

  • Economic Re-vitalization - The City will facilitate, promote and develop community economic resiliency and vibrancy;

  • Social Planning and Action - The City will work collaboratively with all parties to advance community social objectives and needs; and

  • Community Engagement - The City will facilitate the community being informed and involved in local matters and initiatives.

Strategic Corporate Priorities

  • Financial Resiliency - The City will strive towards long-term financial sustainability and best practices in internal processes;

  • Asset Management - The City will follow best practices in asset management and seek to maximize capital utilization and stewardship;

  • Regional Recreation - The City will facilitate, encourage and provide enhanced recreational services in the region;

  • Emergency Preparedness – The City will ensure the residents of Powell River are prepared to withstand emergencies through a collaborative support approach throughout the region; and

  • Community Planning – The City will lead the community in safeguarding and enhancing the positive physical and environmental attributes of Powell River.

Download the City of Powell River Vision and Mission and Strategic Priorities document.