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The City of Powell River has an active recycling program associated with household garbage collection. Recycling is picked up every second week by City of Powell River trucks. The service is free.

The City of Powell River is part of the Recycle BC Provincial Program and the recycling guidelines are set by the program.

Getting to know what items can and cannot be recycled is important. Please read the Waste Wise Guide determine what can go into the City of Powell River recycling stream.

It is important that recycling is not contaminated, otherwise loads will be rejected. Recycle BC insists on less than three per cent contamination in the recycle stream. The city can be fined by Recycle BC for having an excess of contaminants in the recycling stream.

Customers provide their own bins. Placement of recycling should not be in bags, but instead, should be in solid containers that are clearly marked as recycling, preferably blue in colour. There is a weight restriction for containers of recyclable items, with a maximum weight of 12 kilograms, or 26.5 pounds. The containers should be placed at curbside in a visible location. Containers should not be blocked by parked vehicles on the roadway so that the recycling trucks and the operators can have easy access to the recyclables.

Recyclables are only picked up at residential and civic locations. Commercial recycling is taken care of by private enterprise.

The City of Powell River encourages citizens to recycle to reduce the amount of items going into the garbage stream and being shipped off to Washington State.

Snow or ice events could delay or cancel pickups. On inclement weather days, please check the City of Powell River’s Twitter page @CityPowellRiver or the Facebook page, @cityofpowellriver.

There are several drop-off depots for recyclables throughout the Powell River area, the main ones being Town Centre Recycling Depot and Augusta Recyclables for City residents.

For more information or inquiries, please contact the Operations Secretary at 604-485-8657.