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Garbage Collection

As of October 2021, the City of Powell River initiated an automated residential waste collection service. New standardized garbage collection carts (132 litres) are provided to each residential property to be used on collection day.

Waste carts filled with garbage are emptied by trucks fitted with automated arms, improving efficiency in service delivery while providing safer collection for workers and reducing injuries. Large families can purchase an additional cart for weekly use or bags are collected (with a purchased $5 tag) for the one-off week you have accumulated more.

Go here for schedules and route maps.

Garbage Pick-Up

  • Garbage carts need to be at the curb in a visible location by 7:30 am on the morning of collection day. Only use City provided carts. Please do not put garbage out the night before as it's the responsibility of the homeowner to protect their garbage from animals.

  • Carts are to be placed at the curb with lid closed tight, arrows to the road, wheels against the curb and with 1 meter (3 feet) space from another object, including recycling containers.

  • Keep trees pruned for access to your cart. The automated arm needs 3 meters (9 feet) space above the cart for adequate clearance.

  • Keep carts clean and stored on your property. Damaged, lost and stolen carts are the responsibility of the homeowner. Replacement fee is $100.

In most circumstances, the automated collection system does not require tags. Waste inside carts do not need a tag. Tags are only required when you have excess waste that will not fit in your cart.

Did you know that Powell River residents produce about 450 kilograms of solid waste per person per year? By reducing the amount of garbage we produce, we lower our community’s environmental impact, conserve resources, cut costs and reduce our carbon emissions.

Garbage collected by the City of Powell River is transported to Roosevelt Regional Landfill in the State of Washington, for landfilling. Due to the environmental impact of shipping solid waste, homeowners are encouraged to recycle and dispose of organic waste locally to cut down on the amount of garbage that is being shipped.

For more information on what is not accepted in the garbage stream, please visit our 2022 Waste Wise Guide, or Waste Wizard. The City of Powell River is part of the Recycle BC Provincial Program and the recycling guidelines followed are set by the program.

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