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Curbside Comes to Your Neighbourhood

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Do you sometimes forget your garbage day or want to know the pick-up day if there's a weather delay? Sign up for our free Curbside notification system!

Curbside allows you to find your pick-up schedule and calendar or register for reminder emails, texts and phone calls.

  • Enter your address and you're ready to go.

  • Access your customized garbage and recycling schedule online

  • A reminder service is available via email, phone call, text message, Twitter, and iCal

  • Download or print your collection schedule

  • Works for all residents, with or without internet

Waste collection is an ever-rising cost for the City, amounting to $540,000 in 2018. Curbside is an enhanced service for residents that includes helping lower the City's costs and acts as a reminder to people not to leave garbage out that can attract bears and other animals.