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2018 City of Powell River Annual Report

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The Community Charter requires municipal government to prepare an Annual Report, make the report available for public inspection and provide an opportunity for public submissions and questions on same. The philosophy behind the requirements for the Annual Report is that it provides Council with the opportunity to advise citizens what they are planning to do, how they intend to do it, and the progress made.

Under the Community Charter, the Annual Report must include the following:

• The audited financial statements for the previous year;

• Details of each tax exemption provided by Council, including the amount of property taxes that would have been imposed on a property if it were not exempted;

• A report respecting municipal services and operations for the previous year;

• A progress report regarding objectives and measures established for the previous year;

• Any declaration of disqualification of a person elected on Council;

• A statement of municipal objectives and measures that will be used to determine progress for the current and next year, and

• Any other information Council considers advisable.

The City’s Corporate Officer has reviewed the Draft 2018 annual report. The Draft attached to this report satisfies the legislated requirements as set out in the Community Charter.

Council has allowed time for the Public to ask questions and make submissions regarding the annual report at its regular meeting scheduled for 7 pm on Thursday, July 4, 2019.

2018 City of Powell River Annual Report