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Snow and Ice Management

Each winter, the City of Powell River’s Roads Section is responsible for keeping 108 km of roadway in a safe, passable condition.  We do this by plowing to remove slush and snow, and by applying abrasives and de-icers (salt) to provide traction and melt ice.  In addition, we look after snow and ice removal at the Powell River Airport, as well as a variety of City facilities.

Our goal is to maintain good winter driving conditions on all routes.  However, temperature and weather conditions don’t always allow us to provide bare roads.  Though it often starts to snow in the evening and turns to rain the next day, conditions can still deteriorate rapidly, making roads treacherous despite our best efforts.

Motorists are asked to:

  • Be prepared for changing road conditions
  • Drive defensively and exercise caution at all times
  • Slow down – allow more distance for stopping
  • Keep a safe distance when following other vehicles
  • Give snow plows and salt trucks plenty of room to do their job
  • Plan your route to avoid hills
  • If parking on the street, ensure there is space for plow trucks to get through – park off the road whenever possible

During a snowfall we focus on major streets and bus routes, as well as emergency facilities and schools, before moving to residential areas.  Snow is plowed from the center of the roadway to the gutter.  This opens the road up more quickly to two-way traffic and allows de-icers to work more effectively.  As conditions improve, streets are continually widened with the aim of having roadways bare from gutter to gutter.  This allows for better drainage and results in less melt water that may re-freeze on the road surface. 

We understand how frustrating it is when our plows deposit snow in a freshly-shovelled driveway.  Unfortunately, the plow can’t be lifted or stopped at each driveway that it passes.  You can help reduce the amount of snow and ice on the roadway by NOT shovelling or blowing your snow onto the street.  Try to keep your snow on the sides of your driveway.

The City clears sidewalks around its facilities and property, including City Hall and the Recreation Complex.  Non-residential property owners are supposed to clear the sidewalks adjacent to their property of ice and snow (Traffic Bylaw 931).  We ask everyone to consider the safety of others and help out by clearing your sidewalk as soon as possible after a snowfall.

If you need more information contact Operational Services at 604-485-8657 or email

24 hour Emergency Standby: (604)483-1542



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