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Media Release - Owners of Dilapidated Hotel Receive Teardown Notice

Powell River City Council members voted unanimously in support of a remedial action requirement that requires demolition of the building known as the Inn at Westview.
At the Thursday, April 6 council meeting, councillors voted on an eight-part motion that requires Seaboard Hotels Ltd. Inc. No 573547, the building’s owner, to demolish and remove the building at the company’s cost. The initiative comes at council’s insistence that the building is in hazardous condition, is a nuisance, and is so dilapidated as to be offensive to the community.
The Community Charter, the provincial legislation that governs municipal governments, authorizes council to impose a remedial action requirement on the owner of a building and/or land, including a requirement to demolish a building on the land where council considers that the building creates an unsafe condition or is a nuisance.
Councillor Maggie Hathaway said at the meeting that she was hoping the city would never get to this point.
“There are still some avenues open, so even though we are going down this road, I am still hopeful that the owners will cooperate and that we can come to some solution for this problem that has been in the community for way too long.”
Councillor Jim Palm said it’s time to move forward and the remedial action requirement starts this process.
“It’s long overdue,” he said.
Under the remedial action requirement, the building’s owner must, no later than 15 days after receiving notice, submit a complete application for a permit for the demolition of the building. Within 15 days of the receipt of the demolition permit, the owner must begin the demolition of the building.
The owner is given 30 days to complete the demolition, including leveling the surface of the property where the building was sited, and covering the surface of the property with gravel within 10 days of the leveling.
The building’s owner may request that council reconsider the remedial action requirement within five days from the date that notice was sent.
If any or all of the actions requested by council are not completed by the dates set out, the city may undertake any or all of the actions required by this remedial action requirement at the expense of the owner, as authorized by the Community Charter. This means if the owner fails to take the required action, the city may step in and complete the work at the owner’s expense. Costs incurred by the city are invoiced to the owner, and if unpaid, may be transferred to the owner’s property tax.
The City of Powell River is not bound by the conditions of the remedial action requirement, meaning that once the process is started, the city has the capacity to pause the process, or step away, if conditions are such that the city might find itself in unfavourable circumstances as a consequence of the demolition order.

For more information, contact
Chris Jackson, City Clerk
(604) 485-8603

Event date: 
Wednesday, April 19, 2017 - 10:00am


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