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Media Release - New Fitness Equipment

New fitness equipment will modernize recreation complex facility
Through a $60,000 contribution from the Powell River Community Forest, the fitness room in the Powell River Recreation Complex will be receiving a major upgrade.
Neil Pukesh, Manager of Recreation, said the city has gone through a request for proposals process, it received a number of submissions, a vendor has been selected and the equipment is on order.
“We received confirmation that the equipment will arrive on May 2,” Pukesh said. ”As a result, we will need to close the gym for two days to remove the existing equipment, install the new, and train our staff accordingly.” The gym will reopen on May 4 with all the new equipment in place.
Christine Parsons, Health and Fitness Program Coordinator, said it is important to acknowledge Powell River Community Forest for the funding, which was vital for the equipment acquisition.
She added that the generous contribution will not provide a complete remake of the fitness room as it is only replacing most of the Selectorized strength equipment. “There are some great new pieces that will be included,” she said.
Hoist and Torque Fitness are the manufacturers of the new equipment, which checked the boxes in many areas for the Complex. “The equipment being purchased suits the needs of the fitness centre and our clients,” said Pukesh. “It addresses the matter of a smaller footprint, which opens up the gym’s floor space, it addresses overall functionality, ergonomics, and it’s user-friendly.”
Parsons said that a participant survey was conducted to find out what the facility’s users were looking for in the gym’s improvements.
“We heard from a lot of our customers and took their comments into serious consideration,” she said.
“When reviewing the proposals, we noticed that there were still some gaps in our operations and we think we’ve addressed some of those here,” said Pukesh. “For example, our existing weight racks are wearing out the gym’s dumbbells, so for the longevity of the equipment, the replacement makes sense. There will also be new bumper plates for weightlifting which, again, was a request from the public.”
The need for a new rowing machine was identified as a priority as well. Storage was a concern noted by participants so some of the equipment will provide storage space as well as functional fitness.
“It gets equipment off the floor and provides for a more versatile space in the gym,” Parsons said.
One exciting acquisition is the Smith machine, which serves as apparatus for squats, lifting and bench presses. It keeps body alignment in check so people aren’t “all over the place.”
One of the features of the Hoist equipment is that it allowed the recreation complex to address the active aging component of its user group. Using Rok-It technology, the equipment that has been selected is adapted so that when an exercise is initiated, such as a chest press, the exerciser’s whole body moves, rather than just their arms.
“It assures proper alignment, which reduces and decreases the risk of injury,” Pukesh said. “It’s adding a whole new element to our product offering and this investment speaks to our goal of making Powell River one of the healthiest and most active communities in British Columbia.”
It is hoped that people that may not have tried using fitness equipment before will be enticed to come out and give the fitness centre a try.
“I think with the new pieces we’ve acquired, and we’ll have a functional trainer that we’ve incorporated, we will entice people in the community to come and work out,” Pukesh said.
It will be a case of in with the new and out with the old at the gym. The equipment that is being phased out of service will be offered for sale. There will be a closed, sealed-bid auction to dispose of the old equipment. On April 26, from 7 to 9:30 pm, the gym will be opened for people to bid on the pieces of equipment that are available for sale.
“The equipment is still functional and has a second life,” Pukesh said.
The pieces will be sold individually and not as a lot.

For more information, contact:
Neil Pukesh, Manager of Recreation
(604) 485-8904

Event date: 
Tuesday, April 18, 2017 - 10:00am


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