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Media Release - City consents to historic land designation

In a precedent setting decision, the City of Powell River has consented to having properties within City boundaries designated as Tla’amin Nation Treaty Settlement Lands (TSL).
“This is a first for British Columbia,” said Powell River Mayor Dave Formosa. “No other municipality has consented to having lands designated as Treaty Settlement Lands within their boundaries at the request of an indigenous Nation.
“The City is pleased to give its consent to allowing Treaty Settlement Lands within its boundaries for our friends and neighbours, the Tla’amin Nation. Our commitment to consenting to have these properties designated as TSL demonstrates the special relationship between the two governments and the people in Powell River and Tla’amin. It is fitting that these four properties are designated TSL.”
The properties include:
LOT 2 DISTRICT LOT 5307 NWD GRP PL LMP30158 – Located on Wharf Street beside Marine Traders, this small property was formerly Crown land and was part of a package of properties transferred to Tla’amin Nation before a Final Treaty agreement was reached with the Federal and Provincial Governments. Unlike the other properties that were transferred early to Tla’amin, it was never designated as TSL, which the Nation views as an oversight by the Federal and Provincial Governments. The request to designate the property is an effort to correct the situation.
LOT 3 BLOCKS 46 AND E DISTRICT LOT 450 PLAN 12506 – Located at the intersection of Arbutus Street and Highway 101, this property was the site of Powell River’s former hospital. With Council’s approval, ownership of the property was conveyed to the Tla’amin Nation on August 31, 2018. In transferring ownership of the property to Tla’amin, Council was making good on a long standing commitment made by the City in 2003 with the signing of the original Community Accord. With the exception of the Alano Club, the property is vacant and currently zoned institutional. Tla’amin has committed to ensuring that the Alano Club will continue to be a tenant on the property.
LOT A DISTRICT LOT 450 GROUP 1 NEW WESTMINSTER DISTRICT PLAN BCP23890 – Known as ‘The Gibsons Beach’ property, this 245.6 acre property was recently conveyed to the Tla’amin Nation from PRSC Limited Partnership as part of an agreement between the shareholders to draw out the remaining lands. It is designated as Agricultural Land Reserve and surrounds Gibsons Beach Park, which is located on the foreshore and is connected to Highway 101 by means of a Right of Way (ROW) that cuts through Lot A. It is important to note that the ROW and Park will not be affected by having the property designated as TSL.
LOT B DISTRICT LOT 450 NWD PL EPP68945 – Lot B is 12.5 acres and is located on the industrial waterfront in the Catalyst Harbour. It is the site of Tla’amin’s Log dump for its forestry operations. The property was once part of a larger lot that was once owned by PRSC Limited Partnership. It was subdivided and transferred to the Nation in 2017 as part of an agreement between the shareholders of PRSC.
Tla’amin has made this request of the City as it needs the Municipality’s consent in order to have the TSL designation approved by the Provincial and Federal Governments. If approved, Tla’amin Nation will be the government and taxation authority for the properties.
Tla’amin Hegus Clint Williams thanked City of Powell River Council for having the courage to follow through on the promise of dedicating the land to the Tla’amin Nation.
“It’s been a long journey for the Tla’amin Nation, coming from the Sliammon Indian Band and our evolution into self-government, working alongside with some of the city councillors and mayors. It has been quite an historic journey.
“There have been some bumps along the road on the way and we have felt like a third wheel at times,” Williams said. “I want people to know we’ve been very patient as the Sliammon Indian Band and the Tla’amin Nation. Having the consent will be taking the next step forward. This has been a long time in the making. We raise our hands to you.”

Drawings and Aerials of Tla'amin Properties
For more information, contact:
Scott Randolph
Director of Economic Development and Communications
City of Powell River
Rod Allan
Chief Administrative Officer
Tla’amin Nation

Event date: 
Friday, September 21, 2018 - 9:30am


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