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Media Release - Building must be taken down safely and according to regulations

Demolition of the old Inn at Westview building has been approved by City of Powell River and by WorkSafeBC regulatory authorities so work on the structure will proceed according to strict guidelines.


Graeme Stewart, the City of Powell River’s building inspector, said that when the City receives an application for a demolition permit such as this, what he’s interested in is not only asbestos, but anything in the building that can contaminate the surrounding area. In this instance, Stewart contacted WorkSafeBC and ensured a notice of work was submitted by the contactor to outline safe demolition of the old hotel.


“The construction company handling the demolition contacts WorkSafeBC and informs them they will be taking down this building,” Stewart said. “All the City bylaws have been met for demolition, including reviews by Fire and Engineering departments. WorkSafeBC also has to look at the plan for the demolition and approve the procedure for taking down the building.”


Stewart said WorkSafeBC is going to treat the entire site as hazardous waste. An engineering company and WorkSafeBC have reviewed and approved safe work procedures for taking down the building that must be followed by the contractor. Required hazardous materials and risk assessment reports have also been submitted by the applicant. From a safety standpoint, the requirements for demolition have been met.


Stewart said the building is so damaged that no one can enter it. He believes there is asbestos somewhere in the building, as well as mould. Procedures are in place to contain the hazards during demolition.


“According to the demolition plan the contractor must soak down the site constantly with water, then proceed with the demolition, keeping the site watered down so as to minimize the dust,” Stewart said. “The material is then packed into sealed containers and taken away.”


To minimize pollutants getting into the surrounding environment, Stewart has made requirements to protect storm drains.


WorkSafeBC will continue to monitor the demolition throughout its duration and will ensure that it goes according to plan. If there is any deviation from the plan, WorkSafeBC has the tools to penalize the contractors.


Once the demolition has been completed, Stewart goes back to ensure that the site is safe.


“They can’t just leave a big hole in the ground,” he said. The City will ensure through conditions placed on the demolition permit that once the building is down, the site is left in such condition that no safety risks exist for surrounding businesses or the general public.




For more information, contact:

Graeme Stewart, Building Inspector

(604) 485-8614


Event date: 
Wednesday, December 12, 2018 - 3:15pm


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