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Council Highlights - February 7, 2019

The following summary is provided in accordance with Council’s Strategic Priorities and is in keeping with the City’s commitment to the principles of openness, transparency and accountability.  Website:

Mayor David Formosa proclaimed February 18 to 24 as Heritage Week in and about the City of Powell River.
Development Variance Permit 217 – 4454 Marine Avenue

Council voted that Development Variance Permit 217, to vary City of Powell River Zoning Bylaw 2100, 2006, by relaxing the rear setback requirement from 7.5 m to 0.7 m to accommodate a back porch roof structure on a property located at 4454 Marine Avenue, be issued.

Application to include 47.4 hectares of Airport Reserve Lands in Agricultural Land Reserve

Council voted that it approve applying to the Agricultural Land Commission to include 47.4 hectares of its Airport Reserve Lands in the Agricultural Land Reserve as per the recommendation made by Madrone Environmental Services Ltd. in its report dated March 8, 2018. In late November 2017, the City engaged Madrone Environmental Services Ltd. to prepare a Land Capability for Agriculture assessment on the non-Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR) portions of its Airport Reserve Lands located south of the municipal boundaries. The Reserve totals 91.4 hectares in size, with 21.97 hectares currently included in the ALR and the remaining 69.43 hectares not in the ALR.

BC Liquor Distribution Branch Application 01 for Cannabis Retail Store

Council voted that the report of the Public Hearing held January 17, 2019 regarding BC Liquor Distribution Branch Application 01 for Cannabis Retail Store at 115 – 7035 Barnet Street be accepted. The applicant is voluntarily following the land use and public engagement review process required by Council Policy 196 for private recreational cannabis retail stores. City staff’s recommendation is that Council support Recreational Cannabis Retail Store Application 01.

EfficiencyBC Municipal Top-Up Recommendations

Council voted that $20,000 be allocated from the Climate Action Reserve Fund towards a municipal top-up of $350 per heat pump to existing EfficiencyBC residential incentives to promote the program and increase its uptake in the community. Offering a $350 incentive top-up will allow up to 57 homes in the City to install heat pumps, resulting in an estimated annual greenhouse gas emissions reduction of more than 57 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent, as well as cost savings to homeowners.

Passive House Conference Update
Council voted that staff be directed to organize a public information and training session on the BC Energy Step Code for the local building community.
Microfibre Pollution

Council voted that staff report back to Council with information from the engineering consulting firm regarding whether a microfibre filtration system would eliminate the microfibre contamination in the biosolids residue by the new wastewater treatment plant.

Request for Community Works Funding for the Purchase of Five More Recycling Bins at Complex

Council voted to approve up to $14,936.88 from the Community Works Fund for the purchase of up to eight more multi-unit recycling bins; five for the Recreation Complex, two for the Public Works Yard and one for City Hall.

Request for Community Works Funding to Support the Hiring of a Sustainability Planner

Council voted to approve the expenditure of up to $30,000 from the Community Works Fund to cover the City’s portion of Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM’s) staff funding program over a two-year period. Planning Services staff have received written confirmation from FCM that the City was successful in its grant application, which has been set to a maximum of $120,000 to cover the two-year timeframe allocated to the initiative. The funding program from FCM is designed to assist with the implementation of specific municipal incentives focused on greenhouse gas emissions reduction or climate change adaptation. The FCM grant will cover 80 per cent of the salary of a sustainability planner or consultant over a 24-month period.

Amendments to Terms of Reference of the Sustainability Committee

Council voted to approve amendments to the Terms of Reference of the Sustainability Committee that would eliminate the third Council representative position and the Youth Council position.

Council Remuneration

Council recommended that staff prepare amendments to the Council Remuneration and Reimbursement Bylaw 2458, 2017 such that Mayor and Council net pay impact is minimized by the 2019 Federal Income Tax adjustments.

City Bus Semester Passes

Council voted to approve issuance of five City bus semester passes to students living on the far side of Cranberry Lake in consultation with School District 47.

Appointment – qathet Regional District Public Transportation Service Exploration Working Group

Council voted that Councillor Jim Palm be appointed as the City’s representative on the qathet Regional District Regional Public Transportation Service Exploration Working Group.

Appointment – Regional Emergency Executive Committee

Council voted that Mayor David Formosa and Councillor Maggie Hathaway be appointed as the City’s representatives on the Regional Emergency Executive Committee.

Tax Penalty Bylaw 2543, 2019

Council voted that Tax Penalty Bylaw 2543, 2019 be read a first, second and third time. The adoption of a penalties bylaw will give finance staff the ability to reverse penalties on unclaimed Home Owner Grant amounts once the resident claims the Home Owner Grant correctly.

Amendment Bylaw to Authorize Cannabis Retail Store Referrals and Clarify Development Permit Authority

Council voted that City of Powell River Delegation Bylaw 2367, 2013 Amendment Bylaw 2549, 2019 be read a first, second and third time. The proposed changes to the existing bylaw adds a new item to authorizing Committee of the Whole to issue notice of City Council’s intent to permit a cannabis retail store. This delegated authority will shorten the applicant’s waiting time by approximately two weeks.

2018 to 2022 Financial Plan Bylaw 2501, 2018 Amendment Bylaw 2550, 2019

Council voted that 2018 to 2022 Financial Plan Bylaw 2501, 2018 Amendment Bylaw 2550, 2019 be read a first, second and third time. The amendment bylaw would include the Canada—British Columbia Infrastructure Program—Community, Culture and Recreation Grant application to upgrade and enhance the Powell River Recreation Complex.

Meatless Monday Pilot Project Proposal

Council voted to approve up to $9,000 from the Climate Action Reserve Incentive Program Fund as per the proposal from Climate Action Powell River and Emma Levez Larocque, Plant-Based Registered Holistic Nutritionist to run a Meatless Monday Pilot Project for the Community of Powell River.

Sponsoring Syrian Refugee Family

Council voted that the City provide a welcome basket for newly arrived refugee families, including library cards, information about local activities and services, and complimentary bus passes and Recreation Complex passes for up to six months with the opportunity to extend by another six months at the discretion of staff and at the request of host groups.
If further information is needed on any of these matters, please contact the City Clerk at 604-485-8603, or email These highlights are provided to summarize the Council meeting and are not the official record of the meeting. The minutes of this meeting will be posted on the City’s website once adopted.
Event date: 
Friday, February 8, 2019 - 8:30am


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