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Accounts Payable

The Accounts Payable department is responsible for the payment of invoices, PST (Social Service Tax) remittance,  and payroll source deductions.

Payment of Invoices

Invoices due to suppliers are paid weekly.  Invoices must quote the purchase order number, as the purchase order is the suppliers' approval for payment.  The purchase order reference will also avoid delay of payment.

If payment has been delayed, you may want to contact the individual who is purchasing the item(s) or has requested your services; however, Accounts Payable can also follow up on the invoice.

Supplier statements should be addressed to the Accounts Payable Clerk and forwarded by mail, fax or email.


Refunds of property taxes, utilities, harbour moorage, building security deposits, recreation complex fees, and other refunds are paid at least once weekly.


For further information contact Accounts Payable


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